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12 Dec 2015 Numerous description updates provided by Anthony Richards regarding Clifton, Bristol
in the 1906, 1909 and 1910 photograph albums of Mabel Highley .
Mabel H
25 June 2014 Photograph of Tom Holdsworth [1826-1881] discovered in a Victorian Album,
which had fallen into disrepair, contributed by Stephen Gee.
Tom Holdsworth [1826-1881]
10 July 2011 More Railway Connections: an early DMU near Crossley Hill Bridge 1958
contributed by Graham Tomlinson.
Crossley Hill 1958
11 Sept 2010 Lucy Georgina Manfield née Gardiner and her mother Lucy Georgina Holdsworth
Details from Theodore Senior Gardiner's great grandson Chris Davidson
Lucy Georgina Gardiner
10 Sept 2010 The very fast V12-Lincoln-engined Allard Sports Car, FXP470
Additional information from Gavin Allard and Anton van Luijk.
Very Fast Allard V12 Sports Car
18 June 2010 Contract Department Photographs: 1999, 2001
contributed by Matthew Parker.
Contract Department
3 Sep - Dec 2009 Railway Connections: Holdsworth Bridge and Dryclough Junction
contributed by Graham Tomlinson.
Railway Connections
21 Aug 2009 Add Family Pets page
18 Aug 2009 Add Major Norman H. Moore to Friends and Family page
Major Norman H. Moore
13 Aug 2009 Add Alan Brotherton-Ratcliffe to Friends and Family page
Alan Brotherton-Ratcliffe
13 Aug 2009 Add Lord John Cholmondeley to Friends and Family page
Lord John Cholmondeley
8 Aug 2009 Add pictures of Halifax Agricultural Show to David's 2009 album.
Halifax Show 2009
7 Aug 2009 Add Cyril Bailey to names of people who worked in John Holdsworth & Co Ltd.
Cyril Bailey
6 Aug 2009 Add 3 new July-Dec 2007 photographs from Graham Tomlinson to 2007 album. Graham Tomlinson
31 July 2009
- 2 Aug 2009
Add photographs of FLINT aged 6 weeks to David's 2009 album. Flint 2009
30 July 2009 Add photographs and video of David and Holly on Equestrian Holiday
with Fly Laithe Riding Club to Poachers Hideaway near Horncastle
in the Lincolnshire Wolds, 18-25 July 2009.
Fly Laithe 2009
10 July 2009 Add information to photographs from Mabel Holdsworth's 1906-1912
albums, including photographs from the Kortright & Evans collections at Nailsea Court,
kindly provided by Peter Wright through the Nailsea & District Local History Society.
Nailsea 1910
3 July 2009 Add photographs to 2009 album,
taken from the viewing platform at the top of Wainhouse Tower, Halifax
May 2009
DWH 2009
20 June 2009 Add Jeremy Lovelady's photograph in design studio, 1993
15 June 2009 Add Chris Corbett's story and photo, following an interview
28-31 May 2009 Bannister family - Add further information and photographs
following interview, with Nellie Bannister
24-25 May 2009 Add Business photos to albums:- 2000, 2001, 2003
17 May 2009 Add photos of Clock Tower to 1997 album
16 May 2009 Add photos of 'Contract' department to 1978 album
15 May 2009 New page with names of other people who worked in Holdsworth
13-14 May 2009 Add various press reports:
Halifax Firm to make Special Fabric 12/4/1967,
Minister to be told of Textile Worries 27/9/1967,
Halifax firm wins 2 gold medals in California 6/8/1968,
Flying Scot tour bonus for Halifax 13/2/1970,
The Midas Touch - 3 gold medals in California 11/8/1970,
MP told of Textile Jobs Threats, MP's visit 22/8/1991,
Marking Firm's Achievements, MEP's visit 1/5/1995,
Calderdale's Shining Light, Minister's visit 8/2/1999,
12 May 2009 Add Holdsworth Scandinavia Ltd, including Georges Gheysen, Carl P. Wang
11 May 2009 Corrected war service details 1939-45 of Chris Corbett, now aged 93
10 May 2009 Scan negatives and add pics. Works Dance 1977
8 May 2009 Add Edward Akroyd 1810-1887 , friend of Col. WI Holdsworth
and member of Kilnsey Angling Club.
8 May 2009 Add 1967 sketch and new page on Shaw House, Halifax
7 May 2009 Add details in A-Z and page on Bannister Family 1920's-80's
7 May 2009 Add photos of 'Mills' prior to refurb, Aug 1993
6 May 2009 Add Roll of Honour, 1914-18, 1936-45
5 May 2009 Add: Ernest Oddy Retirement celebrating 53 years' service, 1969
5 May 2009 Add: Coronation Moquette 1953
4 May 2009 Add photographs of C-Shed roof and construction work
taken in January 1992
1 May 2009 Add details of Arthur Albert Broadley
30 April 2009 Add details of Holdsworth Terrace
30 April 2009 Kilnsey Angling Club: Add documents from 1922-1957
18 April 2009 Add New Photograph Album - Birr Fabrics (Ireland)
later to become Shannon Velours Limited, taken in 1991-1993

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