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From French écru, raw, unbleached.
In the undyed state. Descriptive term for (textile) materials which have not had their natural colour altered.

The ability of a material to recover its original shape after being deformed by a force.

Elm Wood. The 17th century property on Shaw Lane, next to Spring Hall in Halifax, owned by the Holdsworth family, which had large gardens with fountains.
It was here that:
On 18 Sept 1855, Clement Holdsworth was born;
in 1900 George Bertram Holdsworth celebrated his 21st birthday in grand style.
The site is now occupied by Skircoat Road, and Elmwood Garages, the local transit authority's bus depot.

An End is thread or strand of yarn.
An End-Down is a situation where a warp or pile end has broken in the loom.
An End-Out is the fabric fault which is produced if the loom carries on weaving with an End-Down. It appears in the Piece as a missing thread in the warp direction.

Epinglé is a pile fabric in which the pile loops are left uncut; usually produced on a Wire-Loom .

The process of forming a continuous shape by forcing material through a die, under pressure. Normally associated with the steel and plastics industries, Extrusion is also used to form continuous filaments.

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