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Index List to the Holdsworth A-Z Cyclopaedia and History

Index List to the Holdsworth Cyclopaedia

A001 Aachen
A002 Ahmed, Latif
A003 Alderman
A004 All Saints’ Church, Salterhebble
A005 Albert, Prince Consort
A006 Automatic Loom
A007 Airport
A008 Autoclave
A009 A-Frame
A010 Anti-Vandal, antivandal
A011 Ashwicken Hall, Norfolk
A012 Absorbency
A013 Ashday Hall, Southowram
A014 Akroyd, Edward
B001 Breaks, Fred
B002 Barraclough, Colin
B003 Bannister, Family
B004 Burton, Harry
B005 Bobbin
B006 Beam, Beaming
B007 Beating-up
B008 Balloon
B009 Boll
B010 Burling
B011 Butt
B012 Blending
B013 Balmforth, John L
B014 Bang-Off
B015 Bellinter
B016 British Furtex Fabrics Ltd
B017 Birr Fabrics
B018 Birtwhistle, Robert W
B019 Baker, Annette
B020 Bentley Cars
B021 Boot Company
B022 Broadley, Arthur Albert
B023 Bairstow and Atkinson
C001 Colbert, Terry
C002 Chapman, Eddie
C003 Contract
C004 CAD/CAM System
C005 Card-Stamper
C006 Creel
C007 Cop
C008 Cam Box
C009 Cotton
C010 Carpet
C011 Clearing
C012 Cloth
C013 Cobble
C014 Cobwebbing
C015 Colour
C016 Comber Board
C017 Combing
C018 Condition
C019 Cone
C020 Count
C021 Cover
C022 Cramming
C023 Crocking, Crockmeter
C024 Crop, Cropping
C025 Cuttle
C026 Cuticle
C027 Creeler
C028 Carding
C029 Conditions of employment regulations
C030 Confederation of British Wool Textiles
C031 Coal
C032 Charles, Gareth
C033 Centigrade, Celsius
C034 Currency
C035 Computer, Computing and Information Technology
C036 Catteral Hall
C037 Camira Fabrics
D001 Design Department
D002 Dent
D003 Dobby
D004 Dead Yarn
D005 Decitex
D006 Denier
D007 Dew Point
D008 Differential Dyeing
D009 Dimensional Stability
D010 Doctor Blade
D011 Doffer, Doffing
D012 Double Plush
D013 Draft
D014 Dressing (Warp)
D015 Drop Wire, Dropper
D016 Dry Bulb Temperature
D017 Dry Clean
D018 Dye, Dyeing
D019 Dresser, Christopher
D020 Dictionaries of Textile Terms and Definintions
D021 Downey, Thomas P
E001 Ecru
E002 Elasticity
E003 End
E004 Extrusion
E005 Elmwood
E006 Epinglé
F001 Frame (sheet or colour)
F002 Fell of cloth
F003 Fibres
F004 Folding
F005 Finishing
F006 Face-to-Face Loom
F007 Fabric
F008 Face
F009 Fade
F010 False-Twisting
F011 Fettle, Fettling
F012 Filament
F013 Flame Retardance
F014 Flammable
F015 Flat
F016 Flat Cloth
F017 Fleece
F018 Float
F019 Fly
F020 Films (Movies, TV, Cinema)
F021 Filling
F023 Farrar, Fred
G001 Greenwood, Mary Greenwood wife of WI Holdsworth
G002 Gardiner, Theodore Senior Gardiner
G003 Groom, Rev Arthur John Groom B.A.
G004 Groom, Horace Alfred Groom
G005 Great Exhibition 1851
G006 Groom, Arthur Holdsworth Groom
G007 Gray, Grey, Greige
G008 Gait
G009 Gear
G010 Geotextile
G011 Gill Box
G012 Going Part
G013 Greasy Piece
G014 Griffe
G015 Güsken, Gusken
G016 Gas (Coal Gas)
G017 Gardiner, Lucy Georgina dr of Lucy G Holdsworth
G018 Gwynreta
G019 Gheysen, Georges
G020 Groom, John Edmund
H001 Holdsworth, Clement
H002 Holdsworth, GEORGE BERTRAM
H003 Holdsworth, TOM
H004 Holdsworth, Major JOHN M.C.
H005 Holdsworth, Lieut. MICHAEL
H006 Holdsworth, William
H007 Holdsworth, GEORGE
H008 Holdsworth, Col. William Irving 1821-1885
H009 Holdsworth, Sarah, wife of George
H010 Holdsworth, John, 1797-1857
H011 Holdsworth, Sarah Irving 1800-1876
H012 Holdsworth, William, 1795-1823
H013 Holdsworth, Sam, 1815-1817
H014 Holdsworth, John Evelyn, 1883-
H015 Holdsworth, George 1822-1866
H016 Holdsworth, Walter, 1885-
H017 Holdsworth, John, 1830-1879
H018 Haigh, Mary Ann
H019 Holdsworth, Lucy Georgina
H020 Holdsworth, Walter 1851-1885
H021 Holdsworth, Emily
H022 Holdsworth, Fanny 1854-1903
H023 Highley, Mabel 1892-1932
H024 Holdsworth, Arthur 1857-1878?
H025 Holdsworth, Gertrude 1858-1927
H026 Holdsworth, Constance Gertrude 1880-1955
H027 Holdsworth, Kathleen Marian 1882-1946
H028 Holdsworth, Hugh Reginald 1884-1957
H029 Holdsworth, Norman Cyril & Robert Lionel
H030 Holdsworth, Florence Gwendoline
H031 Holdsworth, Phyllis 1917-
H032 Holdsworth, Patricia Mary 1918-
H033 Holdsworth, David Bethune 5/6/1922-
H034 Holdsworth, Rupert Lindsay Bethune 1930-
H035 Holdsworth, Ann Doyne 1933
H036 Holdsworth, J Michael
H037 Holdsworth, Ingrid Rona
H038 Holdsworth, Howard Irving
H039 Holdsworth, David William
H039 Holdsworth, Janice
H040 Holdsworth, Kirsten Roselyn
H041 Harker, Audrey
H042 Hirsch, Ernest
H043 Holdsworth, John Tristian
H044 Holdsworth, Johanna
H045 Holdsworth, James William
H046 Holdsworth, Charles David
H047 Holdsworth, Holly Louise
H048 Holdsworth, Zachariah
H049 Holdsworth, Samuel 1704
H050 Holdsworth, John 1731-
H051 Hepworth, Peter
H052 Hepworth, Marian
H053 Halifax Parish Church
H054 Hirst, Rodney
H055 Hallgarth, David
H056 Heath Farm
H057 Heald Shaft
H058 Harness (mail, cord, band)
H059 Halifax Textile Society
H060 Horsfall, Joseph Horsfall & Co Ltd
H061 Halifax and District Master Spinners’ Federation
H062 Hank, Skein, Reel
H063 Heck
H064 Hue
H065 Humidity
H066 Halifax
H067 Halifax Town Hall
H068 Holdsworth, Dina Maria
H069 Halifax Piece Hall
H070 Holdsworth, John & Co Ltd
H071 Hanson, John and Partners
H072 Hebble Valley Weaving
H073 Hebble Trail
H074 Halifax Courier
H075 Highley Doris
H076 Holdsworth Terrace, Halifax
H077 Holdsworth Scandinavia
H078 Holdsworth Bridge
H078 Holdsworth Bridge Dryclough Junction
I001 Imperial Units of Measure
I002 Inspection
I003 Interlock
I004 Inventions
I005 Inch
I006 Irving family
J001 Jackson, Herbert
J002 Jennings, Ernest Edgar - 8/11/1918
J003 Jennings, Isaac
J004 Jennings, Ernest Edmund
J005 Jacquard
J006 Johnston, Brian
J007 Jacquard Harness
J008 J-Box
K001 Kuperus, Didian Maria 1927-
K002 Knot, Knotting Machine
K003 Kettlewell, North Yorkshire
K004 Kilo, Kilogramme
K005 Kelvin (K)
K006 Kuperus, Rudy
K007 Kuperus, Jacob (Jack)
K008 Kilnsey Angling Club
L001 Lease
L002 Lingoe
L003 Leno, Leno Motion
L004 Lasting
L005 Let-off Motion
L006 Levelling
L007 Lift (weaving)
L008 Loom
L009 Looming-up
L010 Lord, Rosemary
L011 Lag
L012 Lint
L013 Luminance
L014 Lustre
L015 Litre
M001 McCrea, Henry Charles
M002 Midgley, David
M003 Mending Department
M004 Mail (Harness mail)
M005 Magazine / Hopper
M006 Marl
M007 Missing Pick (defect)
M008 Moquette
M009 Mayor
M010 Monkey Chain
M011 Mullucks
M012 Martindale Test
M013 Migration
M014 Mildew
M015 Mill
M016 Mill Engine
M017 Metre
M018 Moquette Manufacturers Association
M019 Middle Pasture
N001 Nuttall, John
N002 Netherside Hall
N003 Nutton, Malcolm
N004 Northrop Pirn Changer
O001 Occupations
O002 Opening
N003 Oddy, Ernest
P001 Point-Paper
P002 Plant Sheet
P003 Pirn
P004 Pile, Pile Fabrics
P005 Power Loom
P006 Picking
P007 Piece
P008 Piece Dyeing
P009 Pack, (Woolpack)
P010 Pattern
P011 Pattern repeat
P012 Pigment
P013 Pigtail
P014 Piece Hall
P015 Plaiting
P016 Pickles, John Henry
Q001 Quality
Q002 Quality Assurance
Q003 Quality Control
R001 Robertson, John McKellar
R002 Robertson, Peter McKellar
R003 Rawson, Benjamin Currer
R004 Reed
R005 Raddle
R006 Ridings of Yorkshire
R007 Regain
R008 Relative Humidity
R009 Reeling
R010 Rapier
R011 Retort
S001 Sunderland, Charles
S002 Sunderland, Philip
S003 Straker, Harry
S004 Sutcliffe, Malcolm
S005 Sutcliffe, Raymond
S006 S-Twist
S007 Shed
S008 Scargill House
S009 Spinning Department
S010 Shuttle
S011 Shedding
S012 Shuttle-less loom
S013 Smith, Jack
S014 Shears Inn, Paris Gates
S015 Shear, Shearing
S016 Shaft, Shaft Loom
S017 Sley
S018 Saint Mark’s Church, Siddal
S019 Splicing
S020 Sutcliffe, James & Sons Ltd
S021 Saint Mary’s Church, Kettlewell
S022 Saint Mary’s Church, Illingworth
S023 Spring Hall, Skircoat, Halifax
S024 Sheep
S025 Sheep-Dip
S026 Steam
S027 Shannon Velours Ltd
S028 Sargeant, John Young
S029 Split-up (weaving)
S030 SI Units
S031 Swift
S032 Shaw House
S033 Shaw Lodge
S034 Shaw Lodge Mills
S035 Saint Oswald's Church, Arncliffe
S036 Saint John’s Church, Warley, near Halifax
S037 SACM, Mulhouse, France
T001 Taylor, Arthur
T002 Turney, Hannah Judith
T003 Townend, Walter
T004 Thompson, Jack
T005 Taking-in
T006 Tube
T007 Tuft
T008 Testing
T009 Twisting
T010 Twisting-in
T011 Take-up
T012 Takemura
T013 Titterington, Alan
T014 Tower Clock
T015 Tenter
T016 Taylor, Brian
U001 Udall, Emma Louisa Udall, wife of Clement
U002 Unit of Measure
V001 Victoria
V002 Volkmann
V003 Velour
V004 Velvet
V005 Vandal Resistance
W001 Warp
W002 Weft
W003 Winding
W004 Woodhead, Paul
W005 Wood, Albert
W006 Wilman, Kevin
W007 Weaving Department
W008 Weft Fork
W009 Weaving
W010 Weave repeat
W011 Wool
W012 Wilton
W013 Wire-Loom
W014 Weft Insertion Rate
W015 Worsted
W016 Weaver
W017 Walker, Charles Selborne
W018 Warp Dressing
W019 Wolfenden, Herbert
W020 Wang, Carl P
Y001 Yarn
Y002 Yard
Y003 Yarn Accumulator
Y004 Yarn Clearer
Z001 Z-Twist
Z002 Zacki

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