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A Raddle is a guiding arrangement of wires to separate the threads as they pass from the creel to the loom.

A Rapier (in relation to textiles) is a flexible or rigid device, which replaced the Shuttle for inserting the weft in the fabric during weaving.
This allowed larger weft packages to be used, up to 7 kg., and enabled precise control of the weft position at all stages of the weft insertion process, and above all increased the Weft Insertion Rate.

Rawson, Benjamin Currer

Benjamin Currer Rawson, son of Thomas William Rawson of Greenroyd, Halifax
Married in 1876 to Emily Holdsworth.
Benjamin put windows in the Halifax Parish Church in memory of Emily.

A Reed is a device used in weaving, consisting of several flat wires which is used to separate and space warp threads, to determine the exact spacing of warp threads in the woven fabric, to guide the shuttle and to beat-up the weft.
Reeds are also used in the warping process to separate, and guide the warp threads.
A Leasing Reed is used in Warping to permit the warp ends passing through it to be separated into sheets suitable for forming a lease.
The construction is of alternate open and blocked dents in the reed.

See also Zacki Reed

The process of winding yarn into the form of Hanks, Skeins or Reels.
A machine which winds Hanks.

A ratio used to express the moisture content or Condition of a textile material.
((Total Mass)-(Dry Mass))/(Dry Mass) x 100%
See also Absorbency, Condition.

A unit of measure in percent of moisture content in the atmosphere. Saturation is 100%. See Dew Point.

John Holdsworth and Company produced its own coal gas, which was used inside the factory premises during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries for indoor lighting. This was produced on site from Coal.
Within the premises today are the unique remains of gas retorts, benches and storage tanks, which we believe to be an important heritage site.

Robert Dempster, a Scot from Coupar, Fife worked as a manager of the Elland-cum-Greetland Gas Company from 1850. His consultancy work advising local textile manufacturers on the building and running of their own small gas plants led to the establishment of Dempster's in 1855, specialising in the production of gas retorts and gasholders.
Robert Dempster & Sons Limited, Rosemount Ironworks, Elland was Founded by Robert Dempster in 1855. Engineers, designers and builders of spirally guided gasholders, gas retorts, storage tanks, and bulk materials handling plant for the power generation, mining, and quarrying industries. In 1963, the company became Oxley Dempster Limited. The firm closed down in 1971.

In 1988 historian Ron Fitzgerald produced a short documentary about this gas works.

Ridings of Yorkshire Ridings of Yorkshire

The county of Yorkshire was until 1974, divided into three Ridings. Then, local government across England was re-organised; boundaries were re-drawn, some counties disappeared, and new ones were created. The much reviled and nonsensical 1974 local government reorganisation made a real dog's breakfast of the historic county of Yorkshire. Whatever part of Yorkshire you find yourself interested in, when looking back in time it is essential that you think in terms of the Ridings and not the present day post 1974 Yorkshire boundaries. While it is possible to find maps of Yorkshire in libraries and on the web, it is not always possible to find a pre-1974 map.
Besides being divided into three Ridings, East, North and West (a Riding being derived from the Norse word "thriding," meaning a third part) Yorkshire was further sub-divided into administrative areas called Wapentakes - the Danelaw equivalent of an Anglo-Saxon Hundred in most other counties. The word derived from an assembly or meeting place, usually at a cross-roads or near a river, where literally one's presence or a vote was taken by a show of weapons. Here is the full list of former Wapentakes with the principal places in each.....

EAST RIDING - Buckrose (Settrington, Sledmere); Dickering (Filey, Bridlington); Harthill(Beverley, North & South Cave, driffield, Market Weighton, Pocklington); Holderness (Hornsea, Holderness Peninsula); Howdenshire (Howden); Ouse & Derwent (Escrick).

NORTH RIDING - Allertonshire (Northallerton); Birdforth (Thirsk); Bulmer (Crambe, Easingwold, Huttons Ambo); Gilling East (Danby Wiske; Middleton Tyas); Gilling West (Richmond, Swaledale); Hallikeld (Leeming, East & West Tanfield); Hang East (Catterick, Masham); Hang West (Wensleydale); Langbaurgh East (Middlesbrough; Guisborough; Lythe); Langbaurgh West (Stokesley; Yarm); Pickering Lythe (Pickering; Scarborough); Ryedale (Helmsley, Malton); Whitby Strand (Whitby).

WEST RIDING - Agbrigg & Morley (Bradford, Dewsbury, Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds suburbs, Wakefield); Barkston Ash (Selby, Tadcaster); Claro (Ripon, Knaresborough); Ewcross (Dent, Ingleton, Sedbergh); Osgoldcross (Pontefract, Goole, Snaith); Skyrack (Leeds); Staincliffe (Keighley, Settle, Skipton, Stainburn); Staincross (Barnsley); Strafforth and Tickhill (Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield).

John McKellar Robertson John McKellar Robertson, C.B.E., J.P.

Robertson, John McKellar, C.B.E., J.P.

Second son of William Francis Robertson, shipowner of Glasgow and wife Isabella (nee McKellar), of Glasgow.
John married Florence Gwendoline Holdsworth on 5 June 1919 at Saint Mary's Church, Kettlewell, Nr. Skipton.
Residence Noddsdale House, Largs, Scotland.
Father to Judith Robertson [Sept 1920],
Ian Holdsworth Robertson [23 Feb 1922, F/O RAFVR, was missing presumed killed 26 June 1943, whilst on active service in Fairey Swordfish torpedo plane.]
and Peter Robertson (of Noddsdale House, Largs, Scotland.)

Extract from Who’s Who 1938:
ROBERTSON, John McKellar, C.B.E. 1937; O.B.E. 1932; V.D.; J.P.
Partner in Shipowning firm of William Robertson
b Glasgow 20 May 1883,
Educ.: Glasgow High School, Glasgow University, France.
Joined RNVR 1910; Captain, 1928; C.O. East Scotland Division 1928; C.O. Clyde Division 1930; RNVR, ADC 1930-33 Retired List 1937; served European War 1914-19;
Hon. President Glasgow and District Naval Association; traveled extensively.
According to inscription on silver napkin ring, Served on following:
HMS Africa 1910
HMS Excellent 1912
R N Barracks Portsmouth 1913
HMS Superb 1913
Clyde Examination Service Aug 1914 - Apr 1915
HMS Excellent Apr 1915 - May 1915
HMS Conquest June 1915 - April 1917
Admiralty April 1917
Demobilized Feb 1919
HMC Claverhouse Aug 1924 - June 1928
East Scottish Division June 1928 - Feb 1930
Clyde Division Feb 1930
Recreations: Yachting, shooting, music.
Clubs: Travellers, Caledonian; Western, Glasgow; Caledonian United Services, Edinburgh.
M 1 Florence Gwendolen Holdsworth 1919
M 2 Alice Mary Jean McLean [nick-name Goldie] (Mrs. Stewart) daughter of a minister of paisley abbey married on board the HMS Carrick 1935 (Previously named the City of Adelaide) www.sunderlandmaritimeheritage.org.uk/adelaide.htm
Alice had 3 sons and a daughter from her previous marriage.
One of her sons, second son WAMB, William Alastair Maclean Beardmore Stewart married Judy (Judith), Peter’s sister.

Peter McKellar Robertson Peter McKellar Robertson, O.B.E., J.P.

Robertson, Peter McKellar, O.B.E., J.P., D.L.

Peter Robertson of Noddsdale House, Largs, Scotland. Second son of Florence Gwendoline Holdsworth and John McKellar Robertson.
b. 5 Jun 1923.
Married 31 Mar 1951 to Elspeth Marion Hunter, b 18 Jan 1930, daughter of J Charles Hunter of Kilbarchan.
Godfather to David William Holdsworth, and related as Peter's mother Florence Holdsworth was David's great-aunt.

Educ.: Marlborough College; Royal Technical College, Glasgow (B.Sc.)
Career: RN VR 1944-46; landowner;
Member Ayrshire County Council 1949-75; pres assoc of CCs in Scotland 1974-75,
Member Local Authority Accounts Commission Scotland 1974-87 (Vice Chairman 1983-87);
Recreations: Classical Music;

St. Andrew's Dance 1955
Peter Robertson at
David Holdsworth's Christening

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