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Books & Articles

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Other secondary sources

Halifax Courier

Halifax Guardian

Directories of Halifax

Wool Record

Parliamentary Papers 1834 XX - Factories Enquiry Commission: Supplementary Report - Employment of Children in Factories, Part 2, C1 North East District

Notes on sources

Lloyds TSB Group Archives, Deed of Settlement for the Halifax Joint Stock Bank, 1829, Book No 5354; Deed of Settlement for the Halifax & Huddersfield Union Bank, 1836, Book No 5294

Calderdale District Archives, Brief for the Plaintiff on Inquiry: Mr John Holdsworth v The Inhabitants of the Wapentake of Agbrigg & Morley in the West Riding of the County of York, Defendants, in the Kings Bench, 10 March 1835, HAS: B: 159; Halifax & District Master Spinners' Federation papers, HMS1-24

John Holdsworth Archives, the main items concerned were conveyances and other property papers, 1825 onwards; family tree; balance sheets, profit & loss, trading accounts, partners' capital accounts and drawings accounts from 1851 onwards (the series of profit & loss and trading accounts is incomplete) contained in various stock ledgers, private ledgers, reports & accounts and working papers; minute books 1922 onwards; sales day books for contract, Newlam, and motor sales from the 1930s onwards; mill inventories 1868, 1879, 1886, 1929 and 1939/43; various letter books and letter files; property ledger 1879; expenses ledger for Bradford & London, 1872-86; school certificate register 1889-1943; sundry probate papers; design archive including pattern book and sundry patterns; sundry miscellaneous material including estate plans for 1855, 1883 and 1920, correspondence with Lloyds Bank concerning George Holdsworth, 1931, minutes and correspondence concerning the trustees of the William Holdsworth 1951 Settlement 1957-64, papers concerning the proposed Worsted Spinners' Federation, the Moquette Manufacturers Association, and the Halifax & District Master Spinners' Federation, various agency and travellers' agreements, various photograph albums, various press cuttings books, various estate ledgers, agreement for the sale of the business in 1922.

Interviews were conducted with Malcolm Sutcliffe, Harry Straker, Jack Hickling, David Holdsworth, Trevor Marsden, Arthur Taylor, Brian Taylor, Harry Burton, Derek Bradley, Gordon Charlesworth, Rodney Hirst, Ernest Hirsch, Mrs Dina M Holdsworth, Cecil Evans, Cyril Francis, Peter & Marion Hepworth, Paul Woodhead, Herbert Whittaker, Michael Holdsworth, Wendy Whitehead, Sheila Smith, Audrey Harker, and Dr. John Hargreaves (Secretary of the Halifax Antiquarian Society).

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