Rupert Lindsay Bethune Holdsworth

Rupert L B Holdsworth Rupert L B Holdsworth in uniform

Rupert Lindsay Bethune Holdsworth, (nick-name "Winks"), the fourth child of Hugh Reginald Holdsworth and Dorothy Anne Frances née Bethune.

Born 1 April 1930, 21 Savile Road, Halifax

Educated at Bramcote preparatory school in Scarborough (where his brother David had gone before) and subsequently at the Nautical College, Pangbourne, Berkshire.

Married to Nan

Resides in Onemana, North Island, New Zealand.

Three children; 1 son, 2 daughters.

1. Nick,

2. Phillipa (Pip) Mary Holdsworth [b. Aukland, 2 Nov 1958] m. Simon Julian Wall [b. Palmerston North, 2 Jun 1954] on 12 Apr 1980. 3 sons.
    Twins, Matthew George Holdsworth Wall and Hamish Harry Holdsworth Wall [9 Jan 1992], Nicholas Edward Holdsworth Wall [22 Dec 1995].

3. Susie. m. Denis Massey.

Rupert joined the New Zealand Shipping Company, part of the P and O group, as an apprentice in 1948 and sailed with them until 1955 when he joined the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand.
Sailed on the delivery voyage to NZ of a new ship built in Leith, Scotland.
Came ashore permanently in NZ and married in 1956.
Rupert returned to the New Zealand Shipping Company working mainly in their Head Office in Wellington where he held a variety of management positions until retirement in 1991.

From the Photograph Album

Rupert and Anne Holdsworth at Sandsend, ca. 1938
Rupert and Anne Holdsworth at Sandsend, ca. 1938

Winks Holdsworth, Graham Perry, Dina Maria Holdsworth
Rupert 'Winks' Holdsworth, Graham Perry
and Dina Maria Holdsworth

"I have no idea where that photo of me and your mother with Graham Perry was taken - it looks as if it might be somewhere like Blackpool !
Graham Perry was a good friend of mine - we were at Pangbourne together - his father was a Lloyds underwriter. He joined Shaw Savill & Albion as a cadet while I joined The New Zealand Shipping Company. He finally came ashore and qualified as a doctor in NZ.
I came ashore and worked in NZS Co mainly in their Head Office in Wellington in various managerial positions until I retired."
Rupert Holdsworth, Oct 3, 2008

Rupert Holdsworth in uniform
Rupert L B Holdsworth in uniform

Wall Family, Jan 2008
Wall Family, Jan 2008

Hamish, Simon, Phillipa, Nicholas, Matthew

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